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We supply the following services :

  • GPS Mapping
    • Create a detailed map of your farm or any other area according to your specifications. Be sure of the correct surface area of all your fields. A handy tool in your daily planning. Contact us for a quotation. (Click here for pictures...)
  • GPS Soil Sampling
    • Field is mapped with a GPS to establish the area and boundary. Individual samples are taken on a grid (normally one hectare). The grid size is determined by the type of crop or your specific needs and budget. Samples are packed seperately and sent to a laboratory of your choice. Sampling for other characteristics such as clay percentage and soil type can also be done.(Click here for pictures...)
  • Reports and Recommendations
    • For each analysis maps are generated by a GIS-based computer program using results received from the laboratory on soil samples. These maps reflect the difference in for example the pH value over your entire field. This is used to identify differences and shortages on the field. Maps can also be used in addition with other maps such as Yield Maps received from your harvester or your harvesting contractor.
    • Recommendation files and maps are then generated from these results. Formulas from any qualified person like your fertilizer agent or agriculture consultant can be used. These recommendation files are used to indicate what products and which areas should be spread or sprayed on the field. These files are normally in .shp or .tgt format for use on most precision farming equipment.
    • NB: We are an INDEPENDANT Company and do not have to sell a certain product. We want what is best for you, the farmer!!(Click here for pictures...)
  • Variable Rate Spreading
    • We have several 5-ton spreaders to do variable lime and fertilizer spreading on a contract basis. Now you can have all the benefits of variable rate application, without the capital investment. We supply a fully equipped spreader and the farmer supply the tractor, people and product.(Click here for pictures...)

Please contact us for prices and more information.

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